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This is an ongoing story that sprang from my “Buy Less, Pay More” declaration. There are a number of elements to actually pulling this off. I am no where near perfect at this but I am making progress. This is a story of that progress.

There is a spiritual element, a personal property element, an activity element, and a mission or purpose element. The idea or desire to achieve personal simplicity seems to be a natural result of living more spiritually. The result is a desire to own less personal property and only the property necessary to support   the activities we want to engage in. Often there is a sense of mission or purpose to the entire endeavor. An example might be someone who wishes to serve in a remote location teaching a language. They may need to be able to carry everything they own on a passenger jet and an off road vehicle and on their back. There may be those whose main desire is to see as much of the world as possible. They would want similar gear but with shorter stays in the plan. Another may want to live simply so others may simply live. They would want only enough gear to support them and not necessarily need portability. I like to inject the idea of buy less, pay  more here. When one owns only what they need, they can focus their resources on the best that meets their needs rather than spread their resources out over numerous items they found on sale or advertised in their favorite TV shows.

Much more to come.

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I’ve been promising an updated inventory. Here we go. Upper left to right. The first thing is another awesome bag. Some of you know I have a bit of a bag fetish. I have owned up to seven Filson bags at once. This little beauty is a Skyway Coupeville 20″ Travel Backpack I scored on …

Dress Well

Life is better well dressed. Don’t believe me? Try it. Get dressed up. Polished shoes, pocket square. Go get some ice cream at Cupcake Royale or Molly’s. Then go again in your usual attire and order the same thing. Did they give you extra sprinkles the second trip? Whipped cream at no extra charge? No. …

A Little About Me

I am an vagabond, artist/entrepreneur and traveler. I am interested in simple living and have a deep spiritual practice. I have been sober since 2000. I enjoy walking and great food. I am tanguero. I am renaissance. I am on a spiritual journey and have taken a stand for peace. It seems I am a bit of a dog whisperer. Which bothers my crows a bit. I can cook and sew.

I am the namesake and founder of LJHoliday. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornish Institute and have been a long time member of the Seattle and Fremont arts community. I established a successful IT career, worked in the Real Estate business as a photographer and house painter, served in the restaurant industry and even drove City buses. I completed Entrepreneur and Project Management certifications at North Seattle College. Until recently, Captain Lonn James Holiday lived on a sailboat in the Salish Sea. I have lived in the greater Seattle area most of my life in various houses, apartments, and motorhomes.

Music I like:
Bajofondo, Gotan, Otros Aires, Tanghetto, Gardel, and most Tango Orchestras, Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, The Who, Sarah Mclachlan. If it makes pretty sounds, I like it.

Movies I like:
Marvel anything. RED, Trekky. Lucas, I Miss Kubric. Classic Style. Both Hepburns. Old Pixar.

Books I like:
The Four Agreements, Burning Chrome, John Brunner, Kurt Vonnegut, Heinlein, Mark Twain, The Science of Mind, Resume by Emma Curtis Hopkins,

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done:
I sailed an El Toro across the Salish Sea from Kingston to Edmonds on a stormy night.

I can Teach, Learn, Share:
Modern Mysticism. Knots.

I am an awesome cook

Countries I’ve Visited
France, Ireland

Countries I’ve Lived In