The Ultimate Cooking Kit

It seems like everyone is trying to find the ultimate cooking kit. Just search YouTube for ultimate cook kit and you will see what I mean. Lot’s of great information there!

I think this is a badass rig. A Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set, and a BRS 3000T stove. I carry a Randall Knives Model 1 in stainless, customized to work like a model 5 camp and trail. I like a full sized bic lighter. And some kind of filter for making coffee. Because I have room in the van, I am using a Melita cone with paper filters. Yum! When I walk away from the van I can go back to cowboy coffee poured through an extra fine strainer into an Ozark Trail stainless steel cup. I use an extra size stainless fork and spoon. If I make ramen, I use nice wooden chopsticks. The whole thing weighs way more than the MSR anything but it is all bombproof and the whole thing weighs less than the weight I saved going to a down bag.

It is really nice to sit down and make a cup of coffee, just because I want to. Wherever I am. Dependant on nothing more than what I am carrying on me.

I’m sure this will kill me someday but I have found I can keep a half pint of heavy cream for three or four days in the bottom of my grocery bag on the floor of the van. It never gets “warm” with all the fruit and occasional perrier or Odwalla. Heavy cream seems to last a lot longer than half and half under the same conditions. I’m going to add a half pint insulated bottle for cream.

Everybody seems to like the Walmart Ozark Trails cup. I found one for five bucks and it works a treat. There were six or seven cups on the shelf at Walmart and all of them save one had handles that just missed the mark in one way or another. I bought the one with handles that worked OK. These are obviously made by hand in china somewhere and in this case, handmade in not better made. It’s the same size as the GSI Outdoors cup so the Stanley kit fits in it perfectly. I tried to use these as a double boiler and it actually kinda worked.


I have had a lot of stoves in my life. I loved my Coleman One Burner and carried it for many years on the trail. No wonder that pack weighed better than forty pounds! I might like to be that tough again but I certainly don’t ever want to work that hard.

I have also carried the venerable MSR Whisperlite. Great stove. Pain in the ass!

I tried an MSR Windburner. Feel free to comment why these are a thing. This thing weighs like 20 pounds or something and only boils water. Really fast. I did not realize I was in that big a hurry. I gave it to Goodwill.

When I first heard of the BRS 3000T I was a little skeptical. I had just spent hundreds of dollars on various stoves that were excellent products but did not fully meet my needs.

I spent some money on a Toaks Titanium pot and an MSR Pocket Rocket. Very nice rig. Over a hundred dollars. I do not like the Toaks pot lid at all.

Then I saw this Stanley Pot somewhere. Maybe Big 5? It was sitting very near the fuel canisters so I opened up the Stanley pot and attempted to stuff a small fuel canister in it. Fit perfect.

We all know the name Stanley and associate it with quality, durable stuff. This cooking kit does not disappoint. It is surprisingly solid and appropriate for the price. It is not titanium light weight but certainly not too heavy.

I saw Darwin on the Trail talking about the BRS 3000 Titanium stove and it looked like it might fit in there, too. I ordered a Stanley Adventure Cook Set and BRS 3000 Titanium stove for under thirty dollars. I added the Ozark Trail cup, a bic lighter (not mini), and tossed the plastic cups the kit came with in the bin.


I like a real fork and spoon. I have tried just a knife and chopsticks and that works fine. But I do like having a real fork and spoon. I don’t need a fork and I can sip whatever the spoon is for while I use the chopsticks to pick up the bits but using a spoon just feels more civilized. Plus with a spoon, I can blow on my food to cool it down. A spork is actually nearly useless as a fork and the “fork” part ruins it as a spoon. I like a nice big spoon. A real soup spoon but not too fancy. I don’t need titanium. I actually cut the handle off a toothbrush once and a whole lot of other extreme measures to reduce weight. The best way to reduce weight is carry fewer things. And a down bag. The weight saved by going to a down bag more than makes up for a stainless steel fork. And a full sized toothbrush. And a real knife.