Four Ideas To Up Your Game In The Hot Tub At The Festival


There is a pdf of this document here for you to download.
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Settle in, get comfortable, have a snack, and meet new friends. Here are Five Quick Tips from for maximizing your enjoyment in the hot tubs at the festivals.

First, you can test the water!

A quick search of the internet will find dozens of tales of horror about unclean hot tubs. Nasty rashes and other problems if pools are not cared for properly. It is unlikely you will find any problems at a festival hot tub. It is very important to the festival and the hot tub owners that you are safe. They invest heavily in you enjoying your visit. How would it look if anyone went home sick? However, change is easy in the life of a hot tub; sunscreen, makeup, kids, all have an effect. There are a couple things you can do, too. You can test the water and stay extra clean yourself while helping out at the same time. Take a shower before you get in the tub. Use a nice anti-bacterial soap like Hibiclens or African Black Soap. Hibiclens is made of Chlorhexidine.

“Chlorhexidine came into medical use in the 1950s. It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system.” –

Some naturopathic sites recommend African Black Soap.

And pick up some decent pool test strips. It doesn’t take long, will give you some reassurance, and may avoid a problem. You need to find out which chemistry the hot tub uses. There are three basic types. The familiar chlorine, the less smelly bromine, and “salt water.” The salt water system uses regular salt to make chlorine, so the end result is the same. It’s just easier to maintain.

Second, Managing your clothes!

If it’s “clothing optional,” co-ed with clothes, or same sex, where do you put your clothes and shoes so they won’t get wet or buried under everyone else’s or worse, mistaken as someone else’s and go missing? If there are lockers, great, problem solved. Usually there are not enough hooks, railings with a crowd, ocean, or other black hole on the other side, or just the ground and some benches. Of course the easiest way is to change in your room or tent and wear a sarong or swim suit, and flip flops to the pool. But sometimes you don’t want to hike all the way back to camp.

There are two problems: if you need to change clothes, how? And once you have a hand full of loose clothes, where to put them? If there is no separate space for changing, women can do something like this: the changing room dress.

and men can just change to shorts under a towel.

If all the hooks are taken and the ground is wet or covered in snow? You could bring a folding chair and hang your clothes from it. There is a good chance others will use it too. You could use your trekking poles and a carabiner to make a leaning clothes rack. Bring an empty stuff sack or one of those nice laundry bags to hang from it or a hook or set in a safe corner. Probably the best solution would be to bring a dry bag. Then you are prepared for the worst and guaranteed clean dry clothes after your dip. Most of the outdoor gear players make nice ultralight dry bags that roll into a little bag of their own.

Third, snacks and drinks!

It is important to stay hydrated and who doesn’t love a tasty snack and cold beverage when hanging out with their tribe? Bring “hot tub safe” snacks, like fresh veggies, olives and other goodies that you can easily retrieve in case they fall into the water. Avoid snacks like crackers or potato chips, these type of snacks crumble and can easily fall into the water and cause a nightmare to clean up. For a real festive vibe, how about a floating bar? Bring one of those inflatable snack and drink holders. Here is my favorite:


Forth, new friends!

You have found your tribe or maybe a soul mate. You are in a hot tub with a bunch of strangers who share your love for music and lifestyle. It is no surprise you hit it off with them and want to stay in touch after the show. Perhaps meet up at another show. Maybe go out for coffee and see what happens. Where do you put his phone number? You don’t have dry paper and you don’t want to risk getting your phone soaked. It won’t be long until all our phones are waterproof. The iPhone 7 and Galaxy 7 already are! I love the 21st century! No more making new friends in the hot tub only to never see them again because you could not capture their contact information. Just put them in your contacts on your phone. Be sure to share those crazy pictures of your cat while you have it out. Until then, a ziploc bag has been proven to protect a phone long enough for a hot tub soak.

If you don’t have or won’t be seen dead with an iPhone in the pool, try a waterproof notepad. Scuba shops have nice underwater notepads and there are Write In The Rain notebooks at a local bookstore.

Bonus, Fun!

And for extra credit, bring your own light show! There are some cool, floating, LED toys that turn the tub into a crazy disco dance scene! And finally, if there is not hot tub at the festival, bring your own. There are some nice portable hot tubs out there. There is even a hot tub hammock.



“True contentment depends not upon what we have; a tub was large enough for Diogenes, but a world was too little for Alexander.” – Charles Caleb Colton

There is a pdf of this document here for you to download.
It does not have the amazon affiliate links so you will be on your own finding this cool stuff!

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