New elonn Product Steampunk/Art Deco Headlamp

I have decided to make a steampunk headlamp. This product will be offered by

I made this decision while I was driving back from San Diego determined to realize my next step before I reached Seattle. I allowed my self the entire trip to figure it out. Around just before Grants Pass I hit upon the idea of a steampunk headlamp.

It will echo the classic Art Deco Sunburst. The lamp will have one very bright center single or cluster led and six across the top. The bright one can be dimmed, shut off, or turned red.

While I was carving and drawing the six leds I realized they could/should be controlled by an app.

The six across the top are totally programable. They will come with some cool built in profile like rainbow and Cylon.

At this time, the vision is for 3D printing on a belt, printing around the electronics. Assemble the electronics, place  in a jig/mold on a belt and feed to a 3D printer. Rotate, and feed to another 3D printer.

You will be able to adjust each of the six leds individually on a timeline. Set the time line duration/speed, adjust each leds color and brightness over the timeline.

My plan is to launch a kickstarter maybe in September.¬† I need a team for this one. Someone that can handle the printing stuff. Someone to write the app. I can handle the logistics and financials. Maybe one of us could take charge of the marketing. All the media stuff should probably be shared so the content has several individual styles. “She came up with this idea, I like this, we want to do this…” That sort of thing.

Anyone want to play?

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