How I Got Here

How I got here:

1959  I was born into a marriage with a two week courtship. This is not going to go well. Don’t do that.

1969  I moved all over the country creating new friends by necessity. From Hollywood to Detroit. No five year old should have a key to the apartment on a string around their neck.

1969 We moved in with Timothy Leary. I started to learn some really cool shit.

1970 Preemptive draft dodging. We moved to Canada. I helped run a campus radio station and was busted for possession with the intent to deliver in the 9th grade.

1974 Moved to Lynnwood Washington after the divorce because that is where mom’s folks lived. Fast cars and hamburger stands. To this day I am just another motorhead from Lynnwood.

1979 My first true love is killed in a car accident. I discover insanity.

1980 I woke up one morning and started wining about life to the woman I woke up with. She asked, “why don’t you go to Cornish?” I was accepted based on my drawings. I got through on my sculpture. My degree is in painting. I attended the art department, hung out with the music department, and chased the girls in the theatre department.

1984 I am a Big Fucking Artist in Seattle. Alcohol, women, and poverty. What a fabulous life it was!

1986 Struggle four years into a relationship with a piano player that never quite goes well. We were two garbage trucks colliding and still managed to build a life together.

2000 I get tired of the starving artist life and get sober. Over the next ten years I make my three best decisions. 1. Stop drinking. 2. Learn Tango. 3. Buy a Mercedes.

2004 Within a year after we finally quit, after some twenty years of trying, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. I moved back in to help take care of our parrots and she died shortly after, leaving me with a house full of “our” stuff. Three sheds in the yard and a grand piano. It takes years to get rid of most of it and move into a motor home.

Winter 2007/2008 I travel around the western us and start this weblog.

2010 I start dating. A continuous string of the most beautiful and wonderful women. None of them are the kind of crazy I am so none of them work out.

2011 I move onto a sailboat in the best neighborhood in Seattle, Shilshole Bay Marina.

Along the way I build a successful IT career I eventually learn to hate and find a spiritual path I never imagined.

2017 Realize everything I own is in one carry on bag and one small day pack. Everything. I am free!